Where can I buy

Buying antiques and vintage is now easier than ever.

If you are new to buying antiques and vintage, it can be somewhat daunting to know where to go or where to start.  We have started to compile a list of the main ways of buying antiques and vintage, which are listed below.

Antiques and vintage can be bought in many Retailers, Antique Centres at Fairs and Events and at Auctions. The ability to now shop on-line and bid on-line has greatly improved and offers a fantastic selection, however not every item will appear on-line so if you can, do check out fairs and local retailers.

We are keen for all retailers and companies to sign up so we can build this list and help consumers, as well as promote your business.

Retailers and Centres

Sadly over the years, we have seen retail sites decrease in numbers, however most of these retailers now sell direct through the numerous on-line buying platforms. These platforms are easy to use and provide a great service, the main ones are listed below.

We do hope to build a list of retailers and centres, as we evolve Antiques are Green but currently there is no comprehensive list of retail outlets available to share. We are keen for outlets to sign up so we can build this list and help consumers.










Fairs and Events

For those of you that like the outdoors and a good hunt, there are fairs and events all around the country which are on not just at weekends. To find one near you, these website have accurate and up to date information.




Auction Houses

There are hundreds of auction houses up and down the country and it is great fun to visit your local saleroom and bid in person, or by leaving an absentee bid. However, there is also the ability to buy direct from an auction. Most of the auction houses now have an online presence on one or more of the major online auction sites. Again, these are easy to use and all of them have fantastic searchability.




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