Antiques and Vintage

Like many people, we passionately believe in doing something to help reduce the effects of climate change, over consumption and waste. No matter how small our effort, we believe every little bit helps towards restoring an equilibrium for the future and small actions from many of us, can add up to make a big difference.

The time to act is now.

We started Antiques are Green 10 years ago and whilst there was interest and support, it was too early and the landscape was not as engaged as it now is. We have therefore re-launched Antiques are Green and are starting again to seek support and encourage engagement in our purpose.

Our purpose is to support and encourage everyone to make that one small change by buying something antique or vintage rather than new. This helps the trade survive, it helps consumers have a more individual home, or to dress with an individually created look, it spurs collections, educates, saves our history, creates talking points. We don’t believe antiques are all stuffy, never to be touched items, they are to be used and loved and many people re-purpose or upcycle them to be used in different ways. The added bonus is that Items will have a re-sale value and hopefully will avoid land-fill, give pleasure for years and maybe become items of inheritance.

We are encouraging the purchase of antiques and vintage items as a recognised sustainable green choice.

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