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Five good reasons to buy something old today

Good vibrations – as those who are addicted already know, it is good for the soul to buy something old once in a while. Anything that has passed from hand-to-hand over the generations has built up not only a physical patina but a history of ownership that gives an extra dimension.

Good workmanship - it is not true that everything was better made in the old days. In fact, a lot of things were very badly put together from inferior materials, but anything that has survived the test of time tends to be well made. This may tend to bathe the craftsmen of the past in a golden light but it also means that we are generally getting good value for our money.

Good for years yet – when it comes to the workmanship of past generations, one enduring truth is that it is much more amenable to restoration and repair. While modern mass-produced objects have a built-in shelf life and begin to look tatty after a few years, antiques just go on maturing.

Good for the pocket - antiques may still be synonymous with wealth and luxury for some people, but in many cases it is demonstrably cheaper to buy the antique. Go and look at the prices of a reasonable quality chest of drawers in a high street store, and then see what a nice antique one would cost you in an antique shop or at auction. Another warm glow for the antiques buyer.

Good for the planet - perhaps it does not need repeating here, but it has to be said that the carbon footprint of something made hundreds of years ago is tiny compared to the product of a 21st century factory that has been transported half way across the world before you buy it.